M & M Patio Stone Company

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M & M Patio Stone Company, since 1976 delivers - Quality Service Integrity to the market place a complete line of

concrete aggregate Patio stones, Tables, Sundials, Waterfalls, Benches, Planters, Splashblocks, Concrete car / truck wheel stops, and Air conditioning pads.


What is Concrete Aggregate ?   The manufacturing process is a patented engineering process whereby ordinary concrete that has been naturally cured and hardened, takes on an exterior surface with an appearance of glued or sprinkled decorative tiny  colorful stones attached to the surface of the finished product. It is as if an artist has brushed a concrete canvas with their artist hand! In actuality, the decorative stone is extremely imbedded ( NOT merely glued ) and permanently etched into the surface. The various finished product is extremely impervious and resilient to the most harshest of weather conditions ( blowing rain, winter snow and dessert heat   etc. ). These decorative tiny stone exterior is NOT going to be falling off , at least for many and many and many of YEARS. Additionally, the entire product is typically maintenance free. Mother Nature does indeed take care of any custodial duties of cleaning of the concrete aggregate exterior with perhaps possibly a slight loss of brilliance and sheen , but only after many and many and many YEARS  of  outdoor living . ( TOTAL strength and durability are enhanced , buried inside certain appropriate products, with steel imbedded re-enforcement rods. )


What  is  the  life  expectancy  of  concrete  and  stone  !


M & M Patio Stone Company is a lawfully registered assumed name of M & M Exposed Aggregate Co.   an Illinois domestic corporation since 1976 with principal business offices and manufacturing plant utilizing a host of heavy equipment such as hoists and trucks and fork lifts and located on three ( 3 ) acres of land at:

                        155 South Washington Street

                        Carpentersville, Illinois    60110--2625

                        ( voice )   847 551 - 1818

                        ( fax )      847 551 1836

                        Norman L Mitchell    president corporate officer

                        Norm                          principal plant operations manager

            Email   patioSTONE@excite.com       please NOTICE your email will be RELAYED by our webmaster TO our plant onsite sales manager with your product inquiry. However, YOU MAY PLACE ORDERS via this email for a PRODUCT CATALOG. Along with your mailing name and address ( your telephone optional ) --- include in your email whether you prefer a 1) PAPER color brochure OR 2) DIGITAL color brochure on CD-ROM for viewing on your computer, either of which will be Mailed to you. ( The CD-ROM is essentially identical to what is on the website. )


M & M Patio Stone Company ( M&M ) is one of the largest United States manufacturers selling primarily to Chicagoland and Midwest markets both   Wholesale and Retail public :


1)       builder --- general contractors and sub contractors and rental property managers  &

2)       patio & garden & lawn centers  & 

3)       shopping mall --- community Strip Malls as well as  GIGANTIC and HUGE Regional Malls &

4)       retail resellers --- including national listed Stock Exchange Corporations &

5)       government ------ village and city municipalities and school districts AND governmental Agency for Homeland Security implementation for barriers manufactured with Concrete and Stone, indeed a formidable defense perimeter.


Retail   public

M&M does have a very modest   show room    catering to WALK UP retail clients. Nothing fancy and plenty of earth and dirt and dust stone and concrete DOES occupy the air. After all, this is a serious manufacturing plant site. HOME OWNERS and small business ARE WELCOME. You the retail public, are also invited to please check with your local Wholesaler, who is probably better geographically situated nearby to your local home or small business, as that this merchandize is usually quite heavy in weight, typically requiring a van or pick-up truck to haul away to your home or place of business.


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